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Variation Of Wide-legged Pants You Must Own Now
Do you know which variation of pants never goes out of style? It is the wide-leg pants that
have created a storm in the fashion realm and are here to stay. As time is passing by, old
designs are revived with enhanced oomph, beauty, and aesthetics.
The wide-leg pants women or commonly known as the baggy pants have come to our rescue
in the times of summer. However, the fashion statement made in this era has not only created
a sensation among the fashionista but has delivered them with the freedom to mix and match
Why? So that you can bring out the boldness in them. Here we will share with you certain
varieties of the best wide-leg pants and tips on how to fashion them.
Tips on how to fashion ladies wide-leg pants:
Fashioning the ladies’ wide-leg trousers is not an easy task. As the association of the hippie
pants with the 70s had been swapped with the tightly fitted jeans.
Nonetheless, the comeback of loose trousers or jeans has created an uproar making the aspect
of presentation more fun and even open to interpretation. To make sexy wide-leg pants look
more appealing and complimentary, one has to wear confidence on their face.
As there is no particular day and event when the women's wide-leg dress pants have to be
donned, with the right pair-up, you can effortlessly pull up an intimidating yet laidback look.
● Wearing cute wide-leg pants can be sometimes intimidating. Though no manual
prescribes which body type is better suited for this apparel, we suggest that you go
with neutral-colored pants to tone it down a bit.
If you do not prefer to stand out in the crowd with a colorful blast then acquiring
wide-leg trousers paired with dark-colored tops will surely look cool.
● To be more comfortable with the concept of wearing free people wide-leg pants, we
suggest that you select the one that has a narrower leg.
● The peppy-colored girls' wide-leg pants are best paired with tank tops. If you prefer
a pop of color and want to light up the atmosphere, then selecting colorful pants will
complement the summer season.
● Why not pair a shirt and wide-leg pants pattern with stripes for office wear? The
versatility of the light-colored pants will scream professionalism. Make sure that you
do not pair a vivid and sharp blouse to go with the outfit. We suggest that you read a
dark-colored blazer with light makeup to make the pants stand out more.
Places to buy wide-leg pants for women:
Due to its rising popularity, the requirement for wide-leg work pants has been increasing.
The fashionistas are trying to find the pants that will suit them properly, or should we say that
they are trying to get their hands on a piece of baggy pants that will complement their shape
and size perfectly. Here are two places where you can buy them.
● You can try to find your desired women's wide-leg pants in malls. Malls and
boutique stores keep in stock many varieties of clothing to meet the requirements of
the person. You may find what you require here depending on the stock of the store.
● Or you can choose to buy the wide-leg pants online. Compared to a mall or a
boutique store, the online site will have countless varieties of pants to go through.
Depending on what you desire and what kind of effect you want to produce, you can
find the desired product.
Whether you buy wide-leg pants for women online or from a mall, what is important is that
you buy them right. To buy the right baggy pants, we suggest you read the different
variations that exist and their compatibility with blouses to match it exceptionally.
Types of Wide Leg Pants for Women
If you thought that baggy pants have nothing more to offer than just wide-legged openings,
then let us tell you that there is more to it than just its compositional structure. Here are some
of the varieties of pants that you must have to bring the fashionista in you out.
● Army green wide-leg pants
Nothing can be cooler than having an army green-colored wide pants to bring out the eclectic
sense in you. It is quite down-to-earth yet very unique. That is why we suggest that you pair
this baggy pants with a white or off white colored blouse, better if it is sleeveless, and wear
minimum make up to give the pants the attention it needs.
● Black linen pants wide leg
Why not opt for a gothic look? Pair black linen pants with a black tee and pair them with a
denim jacket to give it the oomph it deserves. Make sure that you create a silhouette of the
wireless of the pants so as not to ruin the pattern. Wear it with heels and voila, you are done.
● Black sheer wide-leg pants
What can be bolder than just wearing the side leg pants? A sheer wide-leg pants. Pair it with
a sheer blouse or just a tank top. Ensure that the blouse or the tank top is light-colored and
compliments black. Wear it with light makeup and done.
● Bodysuit with wide-leg pants
This particular combination is just heavenly. As the buddy-hugging bodysuit that covers and
iterates each of your crevices while the wide-leg pants make it flowier complimenting the
whole outlook will create a look that is best for brunch or lunch. Wear minimum make-up
and accessories to complete it.
● bohemian style wide-leg pants
To do the bohemian look, you have to select wide pants with an eclectic mix of patterns,
vivid colors. If the pants have a sharper tone of hues, then to compliment it, we suggest you
select a laid-back, plain and simple blouse that has a lighter shade to the pants.
● Carven wide-leg pants
The carven wide legs pants will go better with the tube top. Why? It will showcase the
structure of the upper portion while the wide-leg pants will complete the look. Wear it with a
clutch and dark-colored lipstick to complete the whole getup.
● Casual fashion wide-leg pants
To make it look more casual, you have to pair the baggy pants with a tee. Make sure that both
the tee and the pants are of a lighter shade. Now pair it with unique framed glasses and
accessories to make them look more trendy and appropriate. Wear bold colored lipstick to
complete the getup.
● Casual wide leg cropped pants
Nothing screams more fashionable than just cropped pants. Pair them with a mock-necked
top and a sling bag to complete the look. Make sure that you use boots. The color should
complement each other. Make sure that the colors do not clash. This pivotal piece will update
your wardrobe.
● Contrast stitch wide-leg pants
Why not choose a monochromatic look to provide a look that is unusual yet extraordinary?
Monochromatic pants are flattering to all body types and the stitch will enhance the aesthetic
of the whole piece. Ensure that the blouse is not too flowy. Tuck in the tops or tee to
complete the makeup.
● Dark brown wide-leg pants
This will endow you with an official look that can make the difference that you desire. A
drapey blouse along with the dark ground wide-leg pants will ensure the best result. Wear big
earrings and pastel shade lipstick to pull out the whole look.
● Diamond wide-leg pants
Want to pull out a diversified look? Then select the diamond wide-leg pants. One needs to
pull this off with utter confidence and enthusiasm. However, if done perfectly, the result will
bring a unique opportunity where the beauty will be increased. Choose the block heels and
red or maroon lipstick to go with it.
● Flower wide-leg pants
Is it a pool day? Or are you going to a beach? Is it too sunny outside? If that is the case then it
is time to bring out the flower-patterned wide-leg pants. Ensure that you pair it with a white-
colored cotton top with a deeply drawn V neck and slippers. The hat may go with them but
wear it with confidence.
● Green sequin wide-leg pants
Green sequin wide-leg pants will go well at any party. Pair it with black colored or white-
colored tube top and luminous silver accessories. The makeup shouldn't be more as all the
attention should be on your wide-leg pants. You have to wear it with heels.
● Long white wide-leg pants
Long white wide-leg pants with brown colored tops that are sleeveless and have a v-shaped
neck will make the best formal dress. Wear nude-colored stiletto with it and do nude make-
up. To make the whole outlay stand out, you have to complete it with bold-colored lipstick
and a dark-colored clutch.
● Multicolor wide-leg pants
Multicolored wide-leg pants with a simple off-white tee will create a kaleidoscopic effect that
will stand out the most. A casual outing with your friends on a sunny day or for taking a stroll
down the beach, the whole get-up will provide a boho-chic look. Make sure that you keep the
makeup to a minimum.
Summing It Up:
The most important aspect of the whole getup is to ease into the concept of bringing those
that have gone out of style. The best way to do it is by wearing it with confidence. Wear it
with confidence to rock the look with wide-legged pants.
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